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There’s quite a lot of Star Wars: Episode VII news & rumors today. Rumors about the script as well as some actors who are rumored to be eyed for roles in the film.

All of this news comes from The Hollywood Reporter today. Let’s start with the script rumors.

According to multiple insiders of The Hollywood Reporter, the reason that the original writer Michael Arndt left the project, was due to a difference of opinion in which characters to use in the film, which is what led to director J.J. Abrams & Empire Strikes Back‘s writer Lawrence Kasdan, teaming up to take over writing duties.

Apparently Arndt’s version focused more on the offspring of Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, & Princess Leia with the original triology characters taking more of a supportive role in the film. Abrams is said to want more focus of Episode VII to be centered around these three orignial trilogy characters “so audiences could have one more time to enjoy them before a fitting send-off.” So according to sources of THR, it will be how Abrams had wanted, with the newer characters “the offspring,” serving as supporting roles for Episode VII, then they will get their chance to shine by being front & center in Episodes VIII & IX. It’s also said that George Lucas had a say in the matter.


Since the changing of the pen has went from Arndt to Abrams & Kasdan, there apparently has been a complete over-hauling of the script which have left out some characters from Arndt’s version. This would also eliminate a few roles which have been rumored to be in the film, ultimately resulting in a few of the actors that have been rumored to have audtioned, are now no longer needed for the film.

Now for the casting rumors. With yesterday’s newest casting rumor that Breaking Bad’s Jesse Plemons is being eyed for a role, there have also been more names rumored to be auditioning for parts. Names like X-men’s Michael Fassbender, Adam Driver who is known for his work in the TV show Girls, & Hugo Weaving who has been apart of some big films like The Matrix & The Lord of the Rings saga. Hugo Weaving is said to have tried out for the role of an Imperial Commander. All of this is also according to THR’s sources.

THR also mentions that Abrams could possibly be searching for a 20-ish year old female of mixed race or black, to possibly be Obi-Wan’s daughter or granddaughter. This confuses me a bit since I was under the assumption that the Jedi code didn’t allow Jedi Masters to have intimate relations in the prequels although in the expanded universe, it was not frowned upon. This is assuming that Obi-wan still followed the Jedi code even though there were only two Jedi Masters remaining (himself & Yoda). Then again, the prequels made a lot of things confusing & put all sorts of things out of wack.

Star Wars: Episode VII comes to theaters Dec. 18, 2015.


Source: The Hollywood Reporter