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Long time Sonic fan and artist Tyson Hesse saves the Sonic Movie!

Every now and then, the internet collectively agrees on the same thing. It isn’t common, but when it does, usually nothing happens afterward and life goes on. But when the first trailer for the Sonic The Hedgehog live action filmed debuted, Sonic fans and non-fans alike were confused at his near human like appearance. Gone was the fast acting cool attitude hedgehog and instead we were given an animalistic creature with sneakers.

Paramount heard our cries and announced that live action human Sonic was going back to the drawing board with a new look that’ll appease both fans and non-fans alike. Fast forward nearly 7 months and we’re finally treated with a new trailer and our first look at the new and improved Sonic.

Now this is the Sonic we deserve, and with new footage that wasn’t featured in the previous trailer, we have a great look at what to expect. On top of that, just after the trailer was released, Tyson Hesse, long time Sonic fan and artist of various Sonic media, posted on his Twitter that he lead the redesign of this new look. I can’t speak much about the previous graphics team, but knowing that Paramount brought in a true Sonic fan to lead the team, they are being true to their word. February can’t come soon enough.