Logitech G512 Carbon Review

Keyboards are great, without them I would have to play pc games with a controller and we can’t have that. Without keyboards I wouldn’t know what to do to write this review, I’d probably have to button mash the keypad on my phone or something to get a single paragraph out within a month. The point I’m making is that keyboards are important to the daily internet user/gamer and finding one that fits your style, uses, and personality is much easier and much more accessible than we had a decade ago.

So many brands have come up with fantastic products for PC that further evolve playstyles and comfort previously unimaginable and continue to move ideas forward into the future but one brand that I come to a majority of the time is Logitech. Logitech has several lines of products that range in several price ranges, in fact, my last keyboard was the basic Logitech keyboard and mouse combo you’d find in the back of a Target.

Going into this review I would like to simply state that I am no keyboard wizard, in which I mean I had no previous knowledge of how to import profiles to change color schemes or even the mechanisms behind a keyboard but after the past week I’ve had with the G512 I am happy to report that I am getting the hang of it.

First off the design of the keyboard is amazing. The Logitech G512 Carbon has an aluminum alloy case with a very classy brushed metallic finish for a nice sleek design. Not knowing what the keyboard would look like, I immediately imagined the standard high end keyboard in which one side is lopsided to “help” wrist support but in the end look very asymmetrical but the G512 was surprisingly simple in the best way possible.

The mechanical side of the keyboard is also something special. The keyboard has a USB port on the back giving you the ability to quickly import and export files from a storage device. The keyboards uses a new GX Blue switch for the keys, offering a very satisfying clicking feedback for anyone like myself who loves to hear themselves type up a storm although sometimes that same clicking wakes up my significant other at night when i’m hard at work on a video or simply playing a game.

The RGB lighting is also very welcome with Logitech giving me the ability to change up each and every key with a very dynamic lighting program that allows me to import and export other users profiles for limitless color opportunities.

The entire package for the keyboard is above average especially for the price of less than 200 dollars. The USB wire itself is insanely thick which eases my worries and the keyboard itself offers a fantastic audio feedback although it may be too loud at times. The Logitech RGB program is very frustrating at first but after a few attempts to tinker with it you should be able to get the basic fundamentals down and begin programming your dream keyboard in no time.

Inside and out, the Logitech G512 is perfect if you are looking for one of the best keyboards for any computer need without completely breaking the bank.