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Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time Review

There’s something special when a series, whether it’s live action or animated, gets a game but it’s even more special when you can say that the game does the series right. Developed by A+ Games and published by Bandai Namco, Little Witch Academia: Chamber Of Time definitely has the heart of the anime series with all the pretty visuals and playful dialogue but that charm eventually gets weighed down by a slough of magical elements beyond it’s control. 

The game follows witch in training Akko as she and a colorful cast of friends try and figure out why time has caused them to relive the same day over and over. Throughout the course of the game, we are introduced to more teachers and minor characters who introduce side quests that offer rewards that range from useless to somewhat helpful. The game mainly focuses on what I’d like to call “Majora’s Mask rules” in which you relive the same day with each increment of time offering a specific type of side quest or a specific character needed to continue the main story that makes the game a bit more complex giving you the task to remember when characters would be out and about. In the game you’re either roaming around the large school grounds or inside dungeons grinding.

The art for the game is exceptionally above average as far as anime titles go. The game uses 3d models for cutscenes rather than the typical 2d image with several emotions. The choice to use 3d models definitely works well with a cast of characters as expressive as these. Each one of Akko’s exaggerated reactions is on point and makes me enjoy getting into conversations. The game does a great job at introducing fans, as well as any newcomers, to characters by giving each of them a small cutscene explaining their backstory while using images from the anime. The environments are fantastically large and sprawling, reminiscent of Hogwarts where getting lost in it’s size is not necessarily a bad thing although it does take some getting used to at first.

The dungeon is very straight forward giving you the chance to choose your team. You get to choose from the main cast from the anime with each character having a specific type of play style and unique stats. Each character has HP, MP, Attack, Defense, Crit Chance, and Crit Evasion that vary per character but can be adjusted after every level up as well as items found in the dungeon or in side quests that could give your characters an extra edge in battle.

The dungeons themselves are nothing to write home about, with each one playing out like a maze lacking the urgency or wonder one would be hoping to find in one. Playing the same area again is sometimes an extra chore since chests are randomized. The character collision with some boss attacks and certain stage hazards is bad with some areas being almost impossible to escape without getting hit with a cheap shot. The jumping also doesn’t really feel like it’s on your side, there were several moments where it looks as though the only way out of danger is jumping off to the side only with that same attack hitting me, making me feel like there was no real way to evade.

Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time has the heart of the anime on it’s sleeve, staying true to every aspect of the anime and sometimes exceeding it with no real awkward dialogue but at the sake of very dull and monotonous gameplay that can wear even the biggest fans of the series out very quickly. If there was more time to streamline aspects of the game such as the time mechanic, map, and dungeon this game would be considered a gem and a must get for any fan of the series.

Nuke The Fridge Score: 7/10