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List of DC Comic Books to be Made into Films Revealed

Warner Bros. and DC Comics are about to start filming “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice” with “Justice League” to film back to back after director Zack Snyder is done with the former. Various DC comic book adaptations have been rumored but not confirmed after the JLA film, but Nikki Finke, formally of Deadline, has launched her own self-titled movie site where she has revealed WB’s full schedule of DC comic book movies. According to Finke’s sources, “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice” will be followed by “Shazam (July 2016), Sandman (Christmas 2016), Justice League (May 2017), Wonder Woman (July 2017), Flash/Green Lantern Team-Up (Christmas 2017), and Man of Steel 2 (May 2018).”

Of all the titles announced, “Justice League” is the only one confirmed with Zack Snyder in line to helm.