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A Limited Fraggle Rock Series is Coming!

Come to Fraggle Rock!…

For those like myself that were lucky enough to experience the good part of the 80’s and loved/love Jim Henson, this news is some pretty awesome news.

The Nerdist reported that Archaia and Jim Henson have teamed up once again for the new limited series, “Fraggle Rock: Journey to the Everspring.”

The series will be written by Kate Leth (Adventure in Time) and illustrated  by Jake Myler who has worked on Fraggle Rock before.

“Fraggle Rock: Journey to the Everspring,” will be a four part series in which the Fraggles are in search of a different water supply in the deep caves of Fraggle Rock.

They even have a really cool incentive cover done by Jake Myler and The Jim Henson Company Archives, which pays homage to the late great Jim Henson.

Issue #1 main cover by Jake Myler


Issue #1 incentive cover by Jake Myler and The Jim Henson Company Archives

The first issue will it stands October 8th.