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Life Is Strange 2

‘Life Is Strange 2’ Teaser Gets Serious, Telekinetic

Brace yourselves, folks. Dontnod just revealed a minute-long teaser trailer for Life Is Strange 2. Watch it here.

The trailer – stylized as police dash-cam footage – follows an Officer Matthews as he patrols down a suburban road (location unspecified). The footage skips ten minutes and we hear him nervously report a code 10-10 (fight in progress). We briefly see Officer Matthews step out before the footage skips again. As Matthews consoles an unknown teenager yelling “[he] didn’t do anything”, another officer yells for him to get on the ground. Suddenly, what looks like a telekinetic wave of energy causes Matthews – and the police car – to flip over.

Besides a look at the new embroidered-on-a-backpack logo, we don’t get anything else beside broken audio of the officers calling for backup.

Dontnod is billing this sequel as a new adventure, so unless we’re back in Arcadia Bay, it’s highly unlikely Max Caulfield will reappear. However, this new entry will probably revolve around whatever strange powers this new kid has.

The first episode of Life Is Strange 2 is slated for release on September 27th, 2018.