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“Life Inside Out” is a film about a mother Laura (Maggie Baird) and her teenage son Shane (Finneas O’Connell), who are both going through some struggles. Laura, has become a stay at home mother but not by choice, as she struggles to find a job. Along with being jobless, Laura tries to find out what she wants out of life, while  her son Shane is trying to find his place in life. Laura tries to do double duty as she turns to her old passion of music and tries to give Shane some breathing room from his father and older twin brothers, who just give him a hard time. As Laura gets back into music and playing open mic nights, Shane discovers that he has her same passion for music, which Laura is very surprised and supportive of. The struggles of both Laura and Shane keep coming through as they try to maintain some stability in life.



The film is written by Maggie Baird and Lori Nasso (Saturday Night Live), who also play sisters Maggie and Lydia in the film. Baird and Nasso used a lot of their own life experiences and put them into the film, which made for a very honest film. What I mean by honest is that not only does both Baird and Nasso relate to the main character of the film but also, you or someone you know, can relate to anyone of these characters. The hard working father Mike (David Cowgill) who wants the best for his family but also has a hard time understanding his youngest son Shane. The older twin brothers who are close to their father and pick on their younger brother, as all older siblings do. Lydia (Lori Nasso) who is Laura’s sister and who has some Martha Stewart-like hobbies, and is trying to make a living off of them. Laura (Maggie Baird), who not only is a very nurturing mother but also a person who gets a second chance in her adult life to do things that she had to give up for reasons like taking care of her family. Most of us can relate to Shane, who goes through what the typical teenager goes through, like trying to find where he belongs, getting his first taste of love and tries to gain acceptance from his father and older brothers.

The story is a very sweet story of a mother trying to be there for her son while he goes through changes in his life. Their passion for music give them an even bigger bond. The film shows how music really can bring people together and the power that it holds. The music in the film are songs that you would hear at maybe a coffee shop or something of that sort. It’s relaxing and like the film, it is very honest.  The musicians in the film are musicians who are actually musicians in real-life. Some you may have heard of like Xenia who appeared on the first season of “The Voice,” Goh Nakamura who has done music for films like “A Good Year” and “American Gangster” and Emma Bell who played Amy on the hit series “The Walking Dead” and also performs along with her brother singer/songwriter Chase Bell.

“Life Inside Out,” has won 11 film festival awards such as Official Selection in 2013 at the Hollywood Film Festival and the Audience Award at the San Luis Obispo International Film Festival in March. The film was also one of the most successful narrative film campaigns in Kickstarter history. All of these accomplishments are very deserving for obvious reasons. The most obvious reason would be just as I stated earlier, it is a very honest film and relates to the audience. As always, this film may not be for everyone but it’s one that you can most likely relate to in one way or another.