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Liev Schreiber featured on THE LAST DAYS ON MARS Poster


A poster has been released for the upcoming science fiction/thriller “The Last Days on Mars.” The film stars Liev Schreiber (Showtime’s “Ray Donovan”) as the astronaut Vincent. The poster features Schreiber’s image hauntingly looking on in the background as the aftermath of a scuffle between two of the space explorers concludes in the apparent death of one of them in the foreground. The film has the distinction of being released on iTunes first before hitting theaters. Check out the poster and tell us what you think!

Last Mars

Here is the storyline for the film.

On the eve that the crew of the very first manned expedition to Mars is about to return to Earth, they make an astounding discovery.  They find fossilized evidence of life on Mars.

“The Last Days on Mars” will be released on iTunes on October 31st with a theatrical release to follow on December 6th. The film stars Liev Schreiber, Romola Garai, Elias Koteas, Olivia Williams, Johnny Harris, Goran Kostic, Tom Cullen and Yusra Warsama. Clive Dawson wrote the screenplay based on the short story by Sydney J. Bounds. Ruairi Robinson (“BlinkyTM” short) directs.

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