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Leaked Script Reveals Roster for TNT’S TITANS Series (spoilers)

The Nerdist have gotten their hands on the pilot script for TNT’s Titans series. The site has broke news on which heroes were featured in the pilot. Here is the roster for the pilot episode and their roles:


Nightwing: Dick Grayson, who leads the Titans, appears as Robin at first until he leaves Batman. Grayson works as a detective in Boston.


Barbra Gordon: Formerly known as Batgirl before she was confined to a wheelchair, she’s the teams computer hacker but in the pilot, she is not mentioned by the name of Oracle.


Hawk and Dove: In the pilot version, Hawk and Dove share a romantic relationship and the site mentions that these two characters will have the biggest change from the comic version, out of all the characters. In the comics, Hawk and Dove first appeared as brothers. Dove died during the Crisis on Infinite Earth and was replaced by Dawn Granger, the female Dove.


Raven: goes by the name of Rachel Roth as she did in the Geoff John’s run of Teen Titans.


Starfire: there may be a love triangle between Starfire, Barbara and Dick. She and Raven only appear as “buttons at the very end of the episode.”