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Lawbreakers developer Boss Key Production shuts down

After only four years, it was revealed Boss Key Productions has shut closed its doors as of Monday. The news comes from Boss Key Founder Cliff Bleszinski, who is best known for his work on the Gear of War series and worked at Epic Games from 1992-2012.

After last year’s releases Lawbreakers “failed to gain traction,” the company then decided to try to cash in on the popularity of the battle royale genre with Radical Heights but at that point it was already “too little too late.”

Boss Key Productions was founded in 2014 by former Epic Games employees Cliff Bleszinski and Arjan Brussee. In 2017, Arjan Brussee would leave Boss Key and return to Epic Games, where he would work on the mobile version of Epic Games massively successful Battle Royale game Fortnite.

As for Radical Heights, while Boss Key Productions may no longer be open the servers for the game will remain up for the near future.