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THE LAST OF US: LEFT BEHIND Trailer and Release Date

One more reason to keep that PS3 plugged in.

In 2013 if you owned a PS3 chances are you played Naughty Dog’s masterpiece, The Last of Us. Players were thrust into a post apocalyptic world where you as Joel were charged with safely escorting humanity’s last hope in the form of a young girl named Ellie. We gave the game a perfect ten score on the count of its seamless blending of emotional narrative and robust gameplay experience. If you played the game all the way through then you’re in the majority of gamers waiting for more.

While the game did have an enjoyable multiplayer experience, which recieved a few pieces of downloadable content, fans still yearn for more story driven DLC. PlayStation has announced that on February 14, 2104 players will once again step into the world of The Last of Us. This time you’ll play predominantly as Ellie exploring a mall overrun by the infected with your only companion being her best friend Riley. If you paid attention to the story of the main game then you have an idea of the fate that awaits these characters. Although, Naughty Dog has a knack for taking the expected and giving it to us in a way that still makes us jump out of our seats.

The download will cost $14.99 and indicators on the PSN store say that it will be a part of the season pass previously offered. If you’d like to get a jump on just what danger the pair will face, you can check out Dark Horse Comic’s The Last of Us: American Dreams, which was created by Naughty Dog’s creative lead Neil Druckmann and the incredible Faith Erin Hicks. We’ll have a complete review as we near the DLC chapter’s release. Check out the trailer below from the PlayStation channel.