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26353In Lady Killer #3, Josie’s housewife life continues to get in the way of her hitwoman life but this time, more than ever. Her job is at stake, her morals are at stake and so is her life.


Lady Killer continues to get better and better each month. This issue has been the most emotional I’ve seen Josie and it’s also the most surprising in more ways than one. I can’t say exactly why because it’ll be in the spoiler territory but it’s definitely something that’s worth reading. It also ends on a cliffhanger!


Lady Killer has easily become my newest favorite comic series. Joëlle Jones along with Jamie S. Rich, have done such a wonderful job with Josie’s character and they’re just doing something completely different than what everyone else is doing. Lady Killer is definitely a breath of fresh air. It’s such a unique book that Dark Horse is the only place that can publish a book like this. It’s such a perfect marriage.

Lady Killer #3 hits comic stand March 4.