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It’s a brand new year and what better way for Dark Horse to kickoff the new year than giving us a brand new series that is to die for!

“Lady Killer”, the brand new five part series from Joëlle Jones and Jamie S. Rich, is about an almost stereotypical wife and mother (Josie Schuller) that you would see in a 60’s TV series. I say almost because well, Josie is a hit-woman. A beautiful one at that. ldyklr1p5

The story starts off great like something you would see in a Tarantino flick. Disguised as an Avon lady, Josie goes after one of her targets for reasons which we do not know. After the job is done, Josie goes back to being the wonderful wife and mother that she is. That’s until she gets another job.


I loved everything about this book. Joëlle Jones pulls double duty as he writes a great first introduction issue along with Jamie S. Rich. Jones also does the gorgeous artwork in the book. The art was a mix of Silver Age comics with a J. Scott Campbell-type style. It was truly amazing.

I’m really looking forward to the rest of this series and I highly recommend it to everyone. It was just that awesome and everyone needs some awesome in their lives.

You can see how good “Lady Killer” really is when it comes out this Wednesday.