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Konami unleashes Legendary Dragon Decks and Circuit Break

October is a pretty good month for Yu-Gi-Oh fans with two big releases.

Up first is the Legendary Dragon Decks. Featuring three 3 pre-constructed Decks with a total of 153 cards in the set, it’s chock full of Dragons centered around Legendary Dragons, Cyber Dragons and Yuya’s Odd Eyes. While all three deck’s aren’t as useful in the current format, these are some pretty fun decks to play as is before you take out some of the cards to add into your exisiting decks.

The Legendary Dragon Decks is probably the best of the three. Featuring a combination of cards used by Yugi including the Dark Magician and Dark Magician Gir, this 40-card Main Deck and 11-card Extra Deck has plenty of ways to summon Legendary Dragons and fusions which is pretty fun if you can get it going.

At one point, the Cyber Dragon deck was something to fear, especially after the release of Cyber Dragon Infinity. While the deck may not be the strongest with the new format, having a Cyber Dragon or two never hurts and with the addition of three different Mirror Forces to add to other decks it’s a nice deck to piece out.

Finally, While Pendulum Summoning may be somewhat in the backburner as duelists spend time perfecting Link Summoming, the final deck features a mix of powerful Dragon’s including various Odd-Eyes cards including it’s Ritual, XYZ, Fusion and Synchro variants. By itself it’s not a powerful deck but by mixing a few of these with your decks it can be pretty useful.

Circuit Break is the next release in the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG set. There isn’t much I can say on the set mainly due to my very knowledge of Link Summoning at the moment. While I’ve still yet to fully grasp the whole new format, meaning I am still experimenting and playing with my own combinations and decks to better take advantage of it. This set includes quite a few cards that will definitely take advantage of the field with cards like Borreload Dragon which lets you move cards around your opponents field as well as taking control of the card, Akashic Magician which lets you return cards to both players hands and a few others that may prove pretty powerful as the games goes on.

Circuit Break also has a few support cards for older sets but nothing that really makes any of them viable but some of the new cards has me keeping my eye out for future decks including Altergeists which each card has some pretty good abilities to control your field and give you had control along with Krawlers which can swarm and destroy your opponents cards.

It’s still pretty early in the new format, so it will be interesting to see how everything grows and what we will see in tournament play in the very near future.