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Konami reveals new Castlevania for iOS

Get your whips ready, because a new entry in the Castlevania series is coming this year… to the App Store.

Konami has announced Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls as an upcoming mobile game which promises “familiar solo play” and “exhilarating” multiplayer battle with up to 4 people. As per today’s announcement, Grimoire of Souls will offer players a new Castlevania story, as well as the ability to fight alongside other players in real-time, a boss rush mode, and 4v4 player-versus-player matches.

The new game will introduce newcomers Aruma Genta – an anti-social government agent of a secretive organization – and a researcher named Lucy. Veteran characters such as Simon Belmont, Maria Renard, Charlotte Aulin, Shanoa, and Alucard will also return.

Konami joins the ranks of Epic Games, Nintendo, and PUBG, all companies who have brought their franchises to mobile with varying levels of success. Konami itself has had trouble branching IPs out in new directions, the last attempts being the Metal Gear Pachinko machine and the critically-panned Metal Gear spinoff Metal Gear Survive.

While Konami expects the game to release this year, there is no solid release date. Japanese fans can sign up for the beta here.