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Konami Releases a Blast From The Past With Yugi’s Collector Box

I’m a big fan of the original Yu-Gi-Oh! series including the cast and it’s nice to see a set or starter deck released centered around the various characters but not almost all the time.

Yugi’s Collector Box is the latest release from Konami once again focusing on the King of the Duelists. The set includes; a Starter Deck: Yugi Reloaded which was released back in 2013, an Ultra Rare Dark Magician card, a gigantic Dark Magician collectible card, three packs of Duelist Pack: Yugi Booster Packs and three packs of Duelist Pack: Kaiba Booster Packs.

Sadly none of my packs pulled anything great, all rares. Nothing bad about that, I miss the days you feel special when you pull out a card with a rarity higher than a rare. Now every set has a super making it harder to get excited.

It’s nice to see older sets released but with the focus on the new Link Summon, this is nothing more than a nostalgia set with only a few cards actually making this set worth it. To tell you the truth I’d love to see Konami release some Yu-Gi-Oh! GX for Jaden (Judai) and the rest of the cast, especially since I’ve always been a fan of Heroes but I honestly doubt that will happen anytime soon since Konami is more focused on cashing in the popularity of Seto and Yugi. After all the two have been featured on the last two Mega Tins which each included a Dark Magician Card and Blue-Eyes White Dragon inside.

Yugi’s Collector’s Box is now available in stores for $19.99. In November, Konami will also release the Kaiba Collector’s Box. Unless you are looking for a nice moment of nostalgia or looking to add some older cards from the series in your deck, this isn’t something you need to rush out and get.