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KNOCK KNOCK Press Conference Recap

Knock Knock is an upcoming film by Eli Roth which features Keanu Reeves as a loving family man who is home alone for the weekend when he gets an unassuming knock at the door. Finding two young women at the door who appear to be in need, he allows them into his home. He soon finds out things aren’t always as they seem. The film also stars Lorenza Izzo and Ana de Armas.

I had a chance to attend the press conference and in attendance was Lorenza Izzo, Eli Roth, Colleen Camp, Keanu Reeves, and Aaron Burns.

12071721_10206856079227806_1829851852_nDirector Eli Roth said that he wanted this film to make a statement and that is exactly what it does. For teenagers growing up now, social media is a major part of their lives. They know how important it is to maintain your privacy online and not to be exploited by anyone. Knock Knock shows how choices can have severe consequences in the age of social media. Where even our innocent mistakes can be exploited by perfect strangers.

The movie asks: When temptation comes face to face with you, will you be able to ignore it? Or will you give in? The film is an eye opener. It takes day to day life and puts a spin on it that you may never have even imagined. Its a psychological thrill ride that only Eli Roth could take you on.

When I asked producer Colleen Camp during the press conference how she became involved in this project. She had mentioned that Eli was imagesinspired by the 1977 film Death Game, which starred both Sondra Locke and Colleen Camp, who are both producers on Knock Knock.

Knock Knock is rated R and will be in theaters on October 9th.


Two nubile, stranded women (Ana De Armas, Lorenza Izzo) reveal a sinister agenda after they spend the night with a married architect (Keanu Reeves).