King of the Nerds Gets Renewed for Another Season

TBS has announced today that its reality show “King of the Nerds,” has been renewed for season 3.

Hosts Robert Carradine and Curtis Armstrong from the 80’s hit film Revenge of the Nerds, will return as hosts and executive producers of the show.

If you have not seen the show before, the show takes a group of  “nerds” and has them compete for $100,000 and the title of  “king of the nerds.”

The contestants for the show in previous seasons have been people that are gamers, engineers, scientist, biologist, authors, etc. These contestants get put through a series of challenges that put their various skills to the test. A lot like the Greek Homecoming Festival in the first Revenge of the Nerds film.

In past seasons, celebrities such as Star Trek’s George Takei, the comedy duo of Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes, Cosplayer Yaya Han and special effects/makeup artist Matt Winston, have appeared on the show.

The third season of “King of the Nerds” will be 8 episodes long and will air early next year.

Sources: Variety, TBS