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Announced last week at San Diego’s Comic-Con, “Skull Island,” the prequel to Peter Jackson’s 2005 “King Kong,” is in the works. Director Joe Cornish has been offered the job to helm the film. His critically acclaimed low-budget alien-invasion film “Attack the Block” has made him a hot commodity in Hollywood.


Cornish has not responded to the offer at this time, but if he turns it down, the film will eventually attract someone noteworthy enough to tackle the project. In the interim, Cornish has been hired by Universal to direct the Aaron Berg-scripted drama “Section 6,” which follows Sir George Mansfield Cummings, the first director of the British intelligence agency MI6.

Skull Island” will be based on the origins of King Kong. The ecology of the island was lost in time and featured bizarre and nightmarish creatures. The story is written by Max Borenstein (“Godzilla”) and is set for a November 4, 2016 release. No word has been announced as to how or if “Skull Island” will tie into Universal’s other monster films.

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