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KILLER INSTINCT Update: Chief Thunder Revealed

Killer Instinct Update: Chief Thunder Revealed by Trevor Roberts Jr


Game developer Double Helix recently revealed their character design for Chief Thunder for their upcoming release of Killer Instinct.  Fans of the fighting game genre will remember that Killer Instinct was one of the first games to emphasize combo moves and reward players with bonus points for accomplishing long chains of moves successfully.

This updated version of Chief Thunder has a darker, more serious look than his previous incarnations. He still has his twin axes, but he’s covered in dark war paint with matching feathers.

With the reveal of Chief Thunder, the “core four” of Killer Instinct (Sabrewulf, Glacius, Jago, and Thunder) are finally revealed.  Fans of the series have had mixed reactions to the new character designs.  However, I will reserve judgment until I can get hands on with the game itself.

Double Helix anticipates a November release for Killer Instinct.  If they can make it in time for the Xbox One release, it will be a huge exclusive for Microsoft.