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Kill Me Three TimesKill Me Three Times is a dark comedy which stars Simon Pegg as Charlie Wolfe, a mercurial assassin. As he is hired to kill Alice Taylor played by Alice Braga, he discovers that he isn’t the only one trying to kill her.

This film is the definition of a dark comedy. Simon Pegg plays this badass hit-man with a sadistic persona. Everything from his mustache to his car to his ways of getting the job done, screams badass. Charlie Wolfe (Simon Pegg) also coincidentally becomes an overseer of the whole film which reveals tales of botched murder attempts and blackmail, all while trying to complete his contract assignment.

Along with Pegg and Braga, the film stars Teresa Palmer, Luke Hemsworth, Sullivan Stapleton, Callan Mulvey, and Brian Brown. I loved that each character in the film was a complete lunatic and had their own agendas which created mass chaos all throughout the film. For me the standouts were Simon Pegg and Teresa Palmer. Pegg really provided the bulk of the comedy and in a sadistic way. Teresa Palmer did a really great job with her role. In my opinion, I think it’s her best role yet and the added bonus was that we get to hear her speak with her awesome Australian accent.

Teresa Palmer as Lucy Webb


Director Kriv Stenders and writer James McFarland, made a great team as this film was very unpredictable and was just one surprise after another. I particularly love the unpredictability when it comes to films, so this really kept me interested in the film from beginning to end.

This film delivered on laughs, action, characters and the storyline. What more can you want from a film? It’s definitely one to check out.

Kill Me Three Times comes out on iTunes and On Demand March 26 and in theaters April 10, 2015.