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Kevin Smith Talks About CLERKS 3 and Why He’s Putting it on Hold

kevin smithIn the newest podcast episode of The Secret Stash, Kevin Smith & the rest of the guys from AMC’s Comic Book Men, were at NY Comic Con. During a Q & A, a member of the audience asked Smith when we will get to see Clerks 3 & if any of the guys from Comic Book Men will be in it.

Smith then answered, “the script’s done, just waiting to find our money.” Smith said. “While I was waiting to find our money, I was like…I can’t think about not being able to find the money. Let me preoccupy myself & I wrote something instead, this walrus movie called Tusk & that’s what we’re going to be heading into next. So in 2 or 3 weeks, I head to North Carolina, we start shooting this movie. It has Justin Long in it, Michael Parks & it’s about a crazy f-er who tries to turn another kid into a walrus.” He then explained that it was based off of an ad that he saw online.

After explaining Tusk, he continued to explain why he put Clerks 3 on the backburner for now. He says “Over the course a month & a half, 2 months, (Tusk) became real. It became more real than Clerks 3 cause it’s smaller & nibble. It’s like 2 million & change. It’s way easier to get to. Get in & out of & stuff. So I sat there going alright well I wanted to go back to Sundance with Clerks 3 20 years later. That would make sense but I was like, well do I want to do that? Or the kid that went to Sundance with Clerks, would he have been happier if 20 years later, he didn’t come back with like ‘ladies & gentlemen, more Clerks!’ Instead he came back with something like ‘ladies & gentlemen,’ something (expletive) & weird that something that came out of a weird & dopey conversation? That’s kind of the idea of art. To push forward & see what it could be, what is the potential. So Tusk wound up taking the place of Clerks 3. We are definitely getting to it, hopefully in March or April of next year & hopefully I’ll have it done for the 20th anniversary.

He then goes on to say that Clerks 3 should begin to film around the “1st quarter or middle of next year. He then gives some insight of who we might see in the film. “Are all these guys in it? (talking about the guys from Comic Book Men) Yes. I’ll tell you right now that everyone in this room could be in Clerks 3. It is a massive, massive movie. I say that without a hint of irony…Clerks 3 requires a cast of thousands. It’s very, very large. I don’t want to say anything more cause it will spoil the movie. So yes they will be in it but everyone I ever met will be in it as well. He even says that his fellow podcast buddy from Hollywood Babble-On, Ralph Garman, will have a role in the upcoming Clerks movie.

If you are eagerly awaiting the Clerks 3 movie like I am, listen to his podcast channel. There are plenty of podcast shows that will hold you up until the next Kevin Smith film.