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Kevin Smith and “Babble-on” Partner Will Write BATMAN ’66


Writer, comedian, nerd enthusiast Kevin Smith took to his Instagram to announce that he & “Babble-on” partner Ralph Garman, will write the “Batman ‘66” comic, which will be a crossover that will include the Green Hornet. This 12-part series will include covers by the legendary Alex Ross.


Both Kevin Smith & Ralph Garman are longtime Bat-fans. Kevin Smith has written a few Batman series before which he teamed up with his long time friend & Comic Book Men member, Walt Flanagan. Smith also wrote the script to the Green Hornet movie, which was then turned into a Dynamite comic series. Garman is a very devoted Adam West Batman fan & is known for his many impressions on the Hollywood Babble-on podcast show, which also include his hilarious Adam West Batman impression.

It’s like getting to be 5 years old again and tell stories that you would have made up while watching the show as a kid,” said Kevin Smith. “To be able to do it, man, it really does bring it full circle in a bucket-list kind of fashion.”

The two are treating the series as a “lost” sequel to the 1967 Batman which included the duo of the Green Hornet & Kato. It will also borrow the backstory which was hinted at in the show, that Bruce Wayne & Britt Reid aka Green Hornet, knew each other when they were younger & went to school together.

Kevin Smith also added that he hopes this series will be considered for an animated feature, somewhere down the road.

I have been preparing for this particular gig my entire life,” said Garman.

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