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Kevin Feige Answers if Marvel TV Show and Movie Characters will Start Crossing Over


Up until now, we have only seen a few Marvel movie characters cross over to shows like Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Characters such as Lady Sif, Nick Fury, Agent Maria Hill and of course, Agent Coulson and Agent Carter, have all made the jump from the big screen to the small screen. Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige spoke to i09 and answered the question if we will see major characters make the jump from small screen to the big screen.

As those [shows] come out, as those get into the culture I think they’re, just like what happens in the movies, tools in the toolbox for some of those shows. And what happens on those shows could be tools in the tool box of the movies. I think that’ll happen at some point.

Now with the success of Netflix’s Daredevil which gave a rebirth to the Marvel character and is hoping to do the same with The Punisher, we can only hope to see the two on the big screen once again.

Source: i09