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Today KCET announced the acquisition of BBC’s Whitechapel series.

Whitechapel brings the most famous unsolved case of Jack the Ripper into the modern world. KCET will air the first three seasons starting September 27. It will also be available online at KCET.org.

Set in 2008 against the hugely atmospheric background of Whitechapel, London, a modern police force finds itself fighting an old adversary upon discovering a series of bloody, tragic and impossible crimes that suggest someone is carrying out copycat Jack the Ripper murders. Ambitious DI Joseph Chandler (Rupert Penry-Jones, “The Strain” and “MI-5”) is assigned an open-and-shut case, the killing of a woman in the East End of London. But the investigation quickly runs out of suspects until Edward Buchan (Steve Pemberton, “Inspector Lewis” and “Happy Valley”) a renowned “Ripperologist,” draws the police’s attention to the similarities between the Jack the Ripper killings in 1888 and the modern-day murder. With the help of the cynical DS Miles (Phil Davis, “Mr. Holmes”), the race begins to catch the copycat killer before he strikes again.