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Katee Sackhoff is Ready to Play Harley Quinn


As the Superman/Batman film gets ready to start production and DC movies are finally beginning to get the ball rolling the door is wide open for new characters to make their way onto the big screen.  Now, during an interview with Esquire, Battlestar Galactica and Riddick actress Katee Sackhoff expressed interest in playing one of DC comics’ most popular villains, Harley Quinn.

Esquire : There are a lot of superhero movies being made right now and Vin has been teasing that he’s going to end up in Guardians of the Galaxy. Is there a female superhero that you would love to play if you had the chance?

Katee Sackhoff : love Harley Quinn. I do. I just love it. It’s not been done before. It’s this fantastic mix. I mean, it’s like the female Joker. Who wouldn’t want to do that? Quite potentially — it’s not around so I wouldn’t feel the weight of it — I’d probably sell my first born at this point to do that.

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If not Sackhoff who should play Harley Quinn?