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Katana Kami, spin of to Way of the Samurai release date revealed!

The long awaited spin off to Way of the Samurai is finally here. Spike Chunsoft has announced that Katana Kami: A Way of the Samuai Story is heading to the PS4, Switch and Steam February 20th. The reveal trailer, below, gives us a good look at what to expect. The action RPG environment is a departure from the Way of the Samurai series, but isn’t straying too far from it’s predecessor. You’ll wander the lands to gather materials for better weapons but also come across several factions.

The biggest change will be the linear storyline and single ending. Way of the Samurai has been known to have several endings based on your actions, providing a unique experience each play through. Katana Kami will focus more on the action and loot element that should satisfy any fan of the series. Check out the trailer below.

Katana Kami Website