‘Justice League Unlimited: The Complete Series’ Blu-ray Review: It’s the Ultimate Blu-ray

JusticeLeagueUnlimitedCompleteSeries_Blu_1000x1000_16f6f83bJustice League Unlimited: The Complete Series is finally on blu-ray and the blu-ray makes it easy to remember why this series was so great!

Justice League Unlimited: The Complete Series is easily in my top 5 animated superhero series of all-time. It had all of the favorite superheroes and even had some of the underrated and obscure heroes and villains that never really had a chance to shine, until the series showcased them. The storylines were awesome and it was a series that was and (with this blu-ray) still is for all ages. The series looks as amazing as it could on Blu-ray. It’s crisp, clear and vibrant and the sound is great.

Bonus Features

The 3 disc set includes every single episode from the series which is about 897 minutes long, plus each disc contains its own extras. On disc one, you get commentary on two episodes by the writers, producers and directors of the show. The two episodes are “This Little Piggy” and “The Return”. The crew give insight on the storylines and designs of the characters. The extra on disc 2 is “And Justice for All”, which is a featurette about the series as the writers and producers talk more about the series. Finally, on disc 3, the extras included are “Cadmus Exposed”, where thee Mark Hamill discusses the Cadmus story arch with Bruce Timm, James Tucker and Dwayne McDuffie. This was my favorite of the extras because having all of those guys together discussing the series is just awesome to see and it’s interesting to hear what they have to say. Also on disc 3 is “Justice League Chronicles.” This is an extra where the writers, producers and directors discuss their favorite Justice League Unlimited moments.

The extras are really everything you would hope a blu-ray set would have and DC/WB totally nailed it and listened to the fans.


The 3 disc set comes in the standard blu-ray case and each disc has a character on it. Disc one has Batman, disc 2 is Black Canary and disc 3 is Superman. I really liked the fact that Black Canary was featured. Most would expect Wonder Woman but it’s nice to see a different female hero on the disc. Also the box art for the Blu-ray is pretty awesome. It has numerous heroes featured on the cover and looks great.


I have always loved this series since it first debuted in the early 2000’s. The fact that it’s now on Blu-ray is very exciting. The series has been on Netflix but not everyone has Netflix and you can’t get the awesome extra features on Netflix. I think that every DC fan and fan of the show would be really satisfied with purchasing this complete series set. I’m very pleased in owing it.

I give Justice League Unlimited: The Complete Series blu-ray 10 fridges out of 10