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Louis Love here with some sad news.

Legendary martial artist and personal friend Jim Kelly passed away yesterday. Kelly and I learned Karate from the great Master Shihan Gordon Doversola and to have that in common is an honor in my life. I know both are in heaven now catching up on new Katas.

Kelly was best known for starring in “Enter The Dragon,” but was also in cult classic films such as “Black Samurai” and “Black Belt Jones.” Later, on the comic book convention scene, fans would ask him to sign his famous quote from Enter The Dragon, “You come right out of a comic book!”

RIP my friend!

Namtar here…

I too knew Jim Kelly.  I only studied a short time with Master Doversola, but Jim Kelly’s picture hung prominently on the wall in the dojo.  When I finally met Jim, he wowed me with stories of his training with Master Doversola and his behind-the-scenes exploits on the films he starred in.  I will always cherish these moments.  Jim Kelly was one of the nicest people to grace through the entertainment industry.  He was also a top-notch martial artist and tennis player.  He was a terrific human being with a very big heart!

I’ll miss you at the shows.  You will and will always be a bigger than life legend. R.I.P.!