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Actor and comedic genius Jim Carrey has posted a video love letter on-line to 22-year-old actress Emma Stone (“The Help,” “Zombieland.”)  Launching his website wouldn’t be Jim Carrey without some humorous controversy.

Carrey describes Stone as being “all the way beautiful.  Not just pretty, but smart, and kindhearted,” and “if I were a lot younger, I would marry you.”  He elaborates further by saying that he would like to have “chubby little freckle-faced kids” with her.

Carrey mugs the handheld camera, while making his one-minute, and 53-second video speech.  A couple of times, Carrey’s eyes dart quickly away from the camera and then back, denouncing the seriousness of the piece.  Also, he makes subtle facial expressions indicating this whole scene is played for laughs.

Fans have commented that Carrey is behaving in a “creepy” manner.  Unfortunately, they did not catch on to his “rapist-like wit.” He’s just being Jim.  Carrey’s site has many different features, so it’s worth checking.

The new website proved to be so popular that it crashed on Thursday morning.  Clarifying the whole situation, Carrey went on Twitter to indicate his video “was a comedy routine.”

Neither Stone nor her publicist has responded to Carrey’s video.


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