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James Spader Discusses Playing Ultron in THE AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON


While on a press junket for his NBC series “The Blacklist,” actor James Spader had a chance to discuss his role as the voice of Ultron in filmmaker Joss Whedon’s sequel “The Avengers: Age of Ultron.” Apparently the role will feature more than just looping his dialogue and CGI. Motion capture technology looks to figure in heavily for the part.  This is what Spader had to say regarding his portrayal of Ultron.

“I have spoken to Joss Whedon about it. And yes, actually, just this weekend I went in for them to take very extensive photographs, head scans, body scans, and all kinds of things in preparation for figuring out how the hell I’m gonna fit in this Ultron character!”

Spader went on to tell interviewers why he took the role.

“I’m not a planner. I like to try something different, to just see what happens. I think it’ll be a lot of fun and it’s incredibly nostalgic for me. When I was a kid my best friend had trunks of comics and I didn’t have any so I used to love going for sleepovers at his house. Also I have three sons and two of them have a great interest in comics so they’re excited I’m playing the role.”

IMDB reports Spader was Joss Whedon’s first and only choice for the role of Ultron, because of his “hypnotic voice that can be eerily calm and compelling while also being very human and humorous.”


“The Avengers” sequel is expected to begin principal photography this January.

“The Avengers: Age of Ultron” is scheduled for a May 1, 2015 release. The film stars Robert Downey Jr., Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo, Jeremy Renner, Scarlett Johansson, James Spader, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Samuel L. Jackson, Elizabeth Olsen and Anthony Mackie. Joss Whedon wrote the screenplay based on the characters created by Jack Kirby and Stan Lee.  Joss Whedon directs.

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