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Jaimie Alexander Says She’s Been in Talks With Both Marvel and DC. Could She Be Up For Wonder Woman?


May we see Wonder Woman?! Is it true?!

This past weekend at Stan Lee’s Comikaze convention, actress Jaimie Alexander, who plays Sif in the Thor movies, answered a number of questions while she was on one of the panels. During the Q & A, Jaimie Alexander was asked about whether or not there might be a Marvel-DC superhero team movie. Her answer is pretty interesting…

Jaimie Alexander answered saying that she’s had discussions with “both companies.”

But wait, it gets even more interesting. Alexander was then asked about how she felt about Ben Affleck being cast as Batman. She expressed her respect for Affleck’s talent & how much she thought he was a great choice for the role. She then went on to say that her confidence in Affleck’s casting is supported by the fact that he is suited for this specific Batman that Snyder has in mind & her reason is, as she said, she “kind of knows the storyline for the movie.”

So what might this all mean? Some speculation around various sites are saying that this could mean that she may be up for the role of Wonder Woman & that she will appear as Wonder Woman in the upcoming Superman/Batman movie. Not saying that this is exactly true, but let’s say it were true for just a minute. I think that she would make a great Wonder Woman because she definitely has the look of a Wonder Woman. How exciting would it be to see Wonder Woman next to the man of steel & the dark knight?! But once again, this for now, is just rumors & hope. Just because she has been talking to Warner Bros., doesn’t mean that she is specifically going out for a role as Wonder Woman. She could be involved in the movie in a different role or just involved with another project.

Alexander also mentioned that there will be a Thor 3, which I’m not quite sure if she is actually allowed to say that nor if she is allowed to say that she has talked to both companies, simply because companies as big as Marvel & Warner Bros. like to keep hush, hush about things like that & often make their actors sign contracts to not discuss certain things about upcoming projects.

You can see Jaimie Alexander in Thor: The Dark World when it hits theaters Nov. 8th.

Source: Forbes