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Ivy Doomkitty Reviews “Uncanny Avengers” Issue #1

Hi there! It’s Ivy Doomkitty with a review.

I’m bringing you a review of the new “Uncanny Avengers” Issue #1, published by Marvel. Writer Rick Remender’s (Uncanny X-Force,Punisher) story, coupled with John Cassaday’s (Astonishing X-Men, Planetary) art are the force behind the first Marvel NOW initiative. All in all, it was a very good read. A bit graphic for my taste, but then again, I am quite squeamish. I would definitely suggest you pick up this book, especially if you have been following the events of Avengers vs. X-men.

We open with a rather disturbing scene, Havok’s eyes forcibly held open. The shot zooms out, revealing a hand holding a scalpel, carefully cutting out a portion of this man’s brain, replacing it with a device of sorts. The figure holding the scalpel remains a mystery for the time being. From here we head to the Jean Grey School of Higher Learning where Logan recalls a conversation he had with Professor Xavier. He is quickly snapped back to reality by Rogue, who advises him that it is time. He heads outside to deliver Professor Xavier’s eulogy. And so begins the somber tone, set forth in Uncanny Avengers. From here, the story goes back and forth between Logan’s eulogy and events that are transpiring elsewhere.

Alex Summers arrives at the Brig and is greeted by Shield Director, Maria Hill. His brother, Scott Summers, is imprisoned there, and Alex wants to let him know that Charles Xaviers’ funeral is being held this day. Scott feels that he did the right thing by Charles Xaviers’ way of accomplishing things. Alex informs him that he was the one that had killed Charles, then abruptly leaves. While heading out, he is greeted by Captain America and Thor. Over coffee at the Avengers Mansion, Captain America discusses the idea of recruiting Alex as a member of the Avengers. Alex doubts himself, while Cap reassures him that he is in fact, “the best candidate to lead the fight for Xavier’s dream.” Just then, there’s a thunderous sound as all three of them head out to the street. The mutant known as Avalache is wreaking havoc, and killing innocent civilians. Thor rushes to rescue as many people as he can. In order to put a stop to Avalanche’s madness, Captain America gets a boost from Havoc to reach Avalanche, who is standing on a ledge. Avalanche refuses to be taken prisoner, he steps back towards the ledge, falls, and in the end escapes.

We now head to Xavier’s memorial tomb where the Scarlet Witch is paying her respects to Charles. I love how the panels were laid out in this sequence, similar to that of the opening scene in the book. It begins with the panel fixed on the lily which she holds, followed by a profile shot of her teary eyed face, and finally a panoramic view of her in front of the grave, surrounded by various flowers and wreathes. All the while, she is filled with insurmountable regret. Rogue approaches her, telling her to leave. Wanda gets defensive, whilst Rogue continues to verbally attack her. Then Wanda hits a chord by pretty much saying that the X-Men are hypocrites, donning the “X” on their dress, yet not being dedicated to what it stands for. Rogue has had enough and delivers the first blow across Wanda’s face. Wanda warns her that her powers can be quite unpredictable, while Rogue is removing one of her gloves. She grabs Wanda’s face, ready to begin absorbing her power but finds that her powers have been rendered useless against her. Without notice, there’s a huge explosion that throws them back and the Goat-Faced Girl and her lackeys attack the duo. The battle ends when Wanda is impaled through her mid section by one of villains.

We cut back to the beginning of the issue where the brain surgery had occurred, only to reveal that the Red Skull is the one responsible for this gruesome medical procedure. This time he’s removed the brain of none other than Charles Xavier himself, declaring that it is “the most powerful weapon on earth.”

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