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Ivy Doomkitty Reviews “The Walking Dead: Michonne Special #1”

Ivy Doomkitty here with a review for “The Walking Dead: Michonne Special #1.”

I would like to start off by thanking Nuke the Fridge for the opportunity to have me on board as one of their comic book reviewers. The first issue handed to me for review was “The Walking Dead: Michonne Special #1,” and let me say it’s perfect for anyone who has only been following the television series and wants a little bit of background information on the mysterious Michonne. I’ve personally read and began collecting the comic since issue #21 and this title is worth picking up. This particular book was written in a way so that you can resume reading “The Walking Dead” comic book series at any point, or you can follow the story from “The Walking Dead” television series. It’s concise and to the point.

Image Comics and writer Robert Kirkman put readers in the thick of things with Michonne running down a walker infested street, wearing her business suit, and scrambling to get to the front door of her home. She barely makes it in, when her boyfriend Mike kills the walker which was right behind her. Just as they are about to close the door, another walker tries to force his way in. Mike tries to push him out, but is unfortunately bitten. At this point in the game, no one knew what the implications of being bitten were. Her boyfriend’s best friend Terry is also in the home and manages to thwart the walker from gaining entry. From here, things start to move fairly quickly, in order to catch up to where Michonne meets Rick at the Prison.

Michonne leaves the safety of her home to scavenge for supplies. She stops at a neighbor’s house whom she knew had collected swords. She ends up staying the night as there were far too many walkers for her to challenge without compromising her safety. Upon her arrival, Mike and Terry, who are now walkers, attack Michonne. She severs Mike’s arm and then locks the pair up. Looking out the window, she realizes that the walkers do not attack their own. This in turn gives her the idea to use the zombified Mike and Terry as her cover to escape through the walker hoards. Now, we see the Michonne that we all know and love, wearing her poncho, katana in hand, with two walkers chained to her with their arms and jaws severed. And so begins her journey, where she inevitably reaches the prison.

At this point, the comic takes several pages from issue #19 of “The Walking Dead.” The scene opens at the prison, where Dexter, an inmate, is threatening to shoot Rick’s group if they don’t leave the prison. Words are exchanged, when suddenly, their little têteàtête is interrupted by walkers who have escaped from “A” Block of the prison. Dexter is still threatening to kill them, but Rick takes it upon himself to take charge of the situation and begins firing at the walkers. Dexter follows suite, but makes the statement that their current predicament still doesn’t change anything. Rick seems to think heavily on this and fires a shot straight into Dexter’s’ brain, claiming it was a stray bullet. While this is going on, Otis returns, but can’t get into the prison as everyone is engaged in battle against the walkers. He is surrounded by walkers and it seems like he is lost to them, when Michonne appears, katana in hand. She quickly disposes of the walkers surrounding Otis, saving him. Her bold act awards her the ability to enter the prison grounds. Rick advises her that she can stay, but she has to turn in her katana and can’t have her chained pets with her. With frightening speed, she delivers one swift blow to her companions, removing both of their heads. She’s has earned her keep. However, everyone is now suspicious of this mysterious woman who traveled with no other living being, only the undead.

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