Itty Bitty Comics brings back the most insane hero (literally) and shows no signs of ever being tamed. Even a zookeeper can’t tame it’s powers in Itty Bitty Comics: The Mask #3.

After the fiasco in the zoo, the mayor tries on the Mask! Now as Mayor Mask paints the town green, the once-quiet burg suddenly becomes the most exciting and crazy place on the planet! Find out how it feels to have the Mask running things! Fun! Crazy! And a little scary!

Okay, so I know Itty Bitty Comics is aimed more towards children and children aren’t quite our core audience but this review is more for our readers that have children, nieces or nephews, just incase they are looking to get the children into comics. Well, here is a great way to introduce them to the awesome comic world!


The mask has changed hands from a zookeeper named¬†Herman Shazbert to the mayor of the town. What happens when the mask runs a town? You know that all the town will run wild. That’s almost literally what happens in this issue. As mayor, the mask tries to better the town in very crazy ways. The townspeople have know idea what to think of the new mayor and things start to get even crazier once the mayor becomes bigger than the town itself.


The issue is very easy for children to pick up and read if they wanted to just read it themselves. It also is a book that a child would enjoy if it were read to them. It has lots of ridiculous things going on that it will keep the children entertained throughout the whole issue. There’s non-stop insanity and I think the kids would love this version of “The Mask.”

As for fans of the original Mask character, it will probably make you miss the hero a lot knowing how unpredictable and insane the mask can be. The same unpredictability is here but just aimed more for a younger demographic, so us “older folk” can just imagine how much more insane it would be if it were in a series aimed for the 18 and up crowd.

The art gives a person of any age something to look at, as it’s busy with lots of colors and crazy images. It’s definitely one of the most colorful books you’ll find on a newsstand.


So for those of you that have children in your family, this is definitely a comic you would want them too read. It’s not violent and it’s nothing but playful humor so it’s totally appropriate for this kids.

Get Itty Bitty Comics: The Mask #3 this Wednesday.