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25592The insanely over the top hero is back! The Mask! This time in “Itty Bitty Comics” by Art Baltazar and Franco.

A zoo keeper goes shopping for a gift for his wife, for their anniversary. What he choses is a mysterious mask and you know what comes next, well maybe not entirely… you never know what to expect when it comes to the Mask. All you can expect is all kinds of crazy. And that’s exactly what you get.


The story is a new story for the Mask, as a zoo keeper named Herman Shazbert bares the gift and curse of wearing the mask. If you are not familiar with The Mask, the mask contains the ability to give the one who is wearing it, strange powers and often loopy and crazy abilities. The powers of the mask are showcased pretty well in this story and it’s a pretty good introduction in what the mask can do.


This is an issue for all ages. It’s funny, it’s loopy, it’s a great way to get your kids into comics and introduce them to “The Mask.” It’s easy for kids to pick up if they want to read it on their own and makes for a good bedtime story. It’s definitely a good addition to the few titles of children’s comics that are out now. It’s fun and it reminds us of how awesome of a character the Mask was and still is. It’s something we need more of in comics, unpredictable insanity.


Issue #1 hits your local comic shop, this Wednesday.