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It’s all about Kaiba with these Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG releases for March

It’s crazy when you realize that it has already been 12 years since the original Yu-Gi-Oh! anime series ended in North America. While the series has gone on to introduce new types of summoning mechanics and tons of new monsters one thing has never changed, the popularity of original characters Yugi Muto and Seto Kaiba.

One thing that Konami has never shied away from, is plastering Yugi and Kaiba all over their products in the last few years and why would they? It’s introduced cards from the series or manga that never saw a physical release in the TCG and this month its all about Kaiba.

Legendary Collection Kaiba – 

Originally, I loved the whole concept of the Legendary Collections. It was a great way to see a lot of expensive cards get reprinted so that players had a chance of getting the cards they needed if they were a competitive player or just a casual player who didn’t want to or couldn’t spend $100 on a single card. As we’ve seen more and more of these Legendary Collection released, it’s reprinted many of the same cards so many times that chances are you already have it if you bought a set last year or even a year before that.

Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy cracking open a mystery pack and getting higher rarity of some cards for my fun decks, but I don’t think I need an 8th copy of Mirror Force something I’ve gotten quite a few of in so many collections/sets. Inside each Legendary Collection Kaiba you find, three Mega Packs that contain 10 cards that feature 4 Secret Rare Cards and 6 Ultra Rare Cards as well a gameboard.

There aren’t many cards to keep an eye out for this set minus Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring, Raigeki and a few others but at $30 dollars for three packs, it’s up to you if you really want to make a higher rarity Dragon deck comprised of cards you can for the most part find easily in lower rarity.

Kaiba Deck Box & Card Binder – 

There isn’t much I can honestly say about the Deck Box and Card Binder other than they do exactly what they should do. The Binder holds 180 card, with each page holding nine cards each. The deck box holds up to 100 cards and is pretty solid but isn’t something you should put where it can easily be crushed as it’s not very durable.

You will also notice that Konami uses the same exact image for the Legendary Collection Kaiba, Deck Box and Card Binder only with the Binder showcasing the Blue Eyes White Dragon in the background which looks much better.

Now let’s look at a few other releases for this month that aren’t about Kaiba!

Extreme Force Special Edition – 

Extreme Force released back in February and introduced two arch types I am pretty interested in, Mekk-Knights and Mythical Beasts. While I will wait to see what type of support they will both get in the future, Extreme Force also introduced a few Link cards for older decks I loved playing including Lightsworn, Gem Knights, Ritual Beasts and Steelswarm to name a few. While it won’t make those decks super competitive at this point, they are still decks that I’ve liked playing for years.

The Special Edition also includes four different cards you can obtain.

Star Pack VRAINS – 

I honestly can’t remember the last time I even opened a Star Pack, I’m guessing it was probably three years ago and that’s because I’ve never needed any of the cards. Star Packs are pretty cheap, they run for about a dollar a pack and that’s because they only contain three cards inside with one of them being a starfoil rare. With only 50 cards in the set, you won’t ever find any hard to pull cards in this set so it’s better to avoid this set unless you plan on buying a box in order to draft with friends.