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Is Joaquin Phoenix set to play The Joker in a DC Standalone DC film?

It’s been a difficult journey at times for the DC Cinematic Universe. Some films have been loved by fans and others not so much. Many projects have been mentioned and set for the future including Shazam, Wonder Woman 2, AquamanSuicide Squad 2 and a Batman Standalone film to name a few. Producers, directors, and writers have been hired. fired, replaced, and praised at times.

Today the latest news comes via Variety as they are reporting that Joaquin Phoenix is actually in talks to play the Clown Prince of Crime, The Joker, in an origins movie. The film is rumored to take place in the 80s. It will also be directed by Todd Phillips who brought us films such as the Hangover, and War Dogs. A very good choice for director in my opinion. It may also be worth noting that before this the rumor was that Leonardo DiCaprio was up for the role.

Apparently, there is no word yet if Jared Leto will be replaced in future Suicide Squad sequels or for the rumored Batman Standalone films. Whatever the case may be I am ready to start seeing these films in theaters instead of talking about them all the time.

What are your thoughts about Joaquin Phoenix as the Joker? Personally, I love the idea if it happens?