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The cast and creators of “Justice League: Throne of Atlantis” at the premiere for the film.


As promised, we bring you another interview from the premiere of “Justice League: Throne of Atlantis.” This time it’s from the queen of Atlantis. Well, from the actress who provides the voice for Mera, Sumalee Montano, who is just as powerful in her own right. In this interview, Sumalee Montano talks all things Mera.


Sumalee Montano, voice of Mera in “Justice League: Throne of Atlantis”


Q: You’ve done tons of voiceover work in your career, what makes Mera so different from the rest of the characters you’ve played?

“Well, I want to start just to say a little bit about what makes her similar and what makes her great. I think that the fact that when she has these superhuman qualities and she’s amazingly strong and she’s fighting for such a passionate cause, her people and her home, I think that gives her such strength. In terms of what makes her different, in this story, Mera gets to kind of begin the relationship with Arthur Curry and kind of see all of his flaws before he becomes a quote unquote, hero. I think that’s awesome because it as an actor, it gives you the chance to engage with another character in the story through such an amazing personal discovery, that it gives me so much to work off of and there’s so much humanity in that cause you really feel for him and what he’s going through, you know. He doesn’t know where he came from, he didn’t know that he has this whole past, you know?”

Q: Does Mera have a lot of action scenes in the film?

“Um…I’m very looking forward to seeing them. Yeah, she does. There’s one in particular, I don’t want to spoil anything but there’s one in particular where I get to summon a bunch of ‘blank’ and fight and take out a bunch of nasty ‘blanks’ (laughs) and I’m really looking forward to seeing that.”

Q: When you do the action scenes, how hard is it to kind of work with pretty much nothing and just kind of use nothing but your imagination?

“I mean that’s why we’re in this business. I find it super duper fun. It is challenging because I think physically, some people don’t realize that you can throw a punch and go ‘uff’ (laughs) you know? Unless you are actually somewhat physicalizing it and putting your momentum and your weight into it, you won’t create that sound, so it’s a workout but I love it. I mean that’s kind of like my therapy (laughs), is where can I get to go out and punch a bunch of bad guys? I love it.”

Q: Is there any kind of conflict that goes on between Mera and Wonder Woman at all?

“Um…at the top of my head, I don’t recall but let’s watch the movie and make sure.”

Q: Who do you think would win that fight if it were to happen?

“Well okay, so I will say that growing up, Wonder Woman was my favorite. I think she got a lot more attention, but I was doing a little bit of research about my character and I would have to say that I think now, now from what I know, I think Mera would win because she has the power of aquakinesis. And from what I’ve read, she actually controlled the water flowing in one of the villain’s bodies and caused him to have a stroke and I mean, who else can do that? That’s pretty badass! I don’t think people really think so much about the power controlling water in those instances. That was in the research that I was doing but you might find something else but when I saw that, I was like ‘that pretty much rivals any superpower that I’ve heard of.”

Just to go more into that last question, Wonder Woman did cutoff Mera’s head in a scene from “Justice League: The Flash Point Paradox.”

Check out Sumalee Montano as the voice of Mera in “Justice League: Throne of Atlantis” on Jan.27.

There’s still more interviews to come, so check back for more!