INTERSTELLAR Oculus Experience Review…”It’s Mind Blowing!”



If you’re looking to immerse yourself into your entertainment, look no further.  At select AMC Theaters across the United States, Oculus Rift is joining up with Christopher Nolans newest film Interstellar to deliver you a 360 degree space experience that you’ve never seen before.  The experience is set up in the front corridor of the movie theater.  As you sit in the chair, the oculus is slipped over your eyes, taking you directly into the cab of the “Endurance” from Interstellar.  Your headphones are tucked over your ears, and the real world slips away.  As I began my journey through the shuttle, I feel myself become weightless.  You are encouraged to look around, side to side and up and behind you.  It’s mind blowing when you realize how real this feels.  You want to reach out and grab the pen that floats by, but logic tells you, its not real.  I look forward to what the Oculus Rift is going to bring in terms of virtual reality, not only to film but to games as well.  The feeling of being in space is not something I will soon forget.

I look forward to being able to view a complete movie such as Interstellar using an Oculus Rift for the whole presentation.  It would be out of this world.  Or at least feel like it.  Oculus is bringing a virtual reality we thought was years away.  If you can’t make it to one of the selected cities (NY, LA, Houston)  Paramount will bring the Oculus Rift experience to the city that sells the most Interstellar tickets.  Could it be yours?

Check out this video and picture I took from my Interstellar Oculus Experience.

B00WGBXCMAAu717 Interstellar opens on 35 mm and 70 mm on November 5th.