In The Immortal Words of Jim Ross “Good God Almighty!”

PlayStation 4 owners rejoice! Infamous: Second Son is a departure from its comic book roots. That’s not to say it isn’t an open world superhero powered action game, but fans of the series will find a game that leans on the weight of its more realistic characters and setting. Second Son lands on distinct footing but just shy of perfection.

Where the first two InFamous games unfolded the buddy story of Cole and Zeke, Second Son is purely a tale of the game’s protagonist, Delsin Roe. He’s young, brash, and idealistic. Where Cole saw his powers as a curse, Delsin reveals in having his conduit powers. He’s distinct and more fun to play as than Cole. Delsin is a much more likable character than Cole McGrath was; which makes the lack of a good supporting cast forgivable. The story takes place after the events of New Marias in InFamous 2, what’s left of the states is doing what it can to protect itself from further conduit danger. This became the catalyst for the formation of the group your crusade will pit you against, the D.U.P and Brooke Augustine. Narrative isn’t as multi-layered as Infamous 2, but it feels like it has more weight and impact.


Second Son blows you away is in the visual. Seattle is gorgeous! Lighting is jaw dropping! PS4’s power is evident and on full display in the rain soaked buildings hit by piercing rays of sunlight through the clouds. The city itself is expansive and diverse, players who love to make gameplay videos will have tons to play with. Destruction is taken to a whole new level. The meatiness you feel in a God of War game’s fighting mechanics are felt here when you just destroy a building or a bridge on a whim.

The game has minor flaws and one major one. There’s a bit of jitter when the effects get really intense but unless you’re one of those guys who sits two inches from your screen it’s hardly noticeable. Where Infamous: Second Son doesn’t leap forward is in the choice system. Players will once again have to decide to be good or evil. If there’s one lesson the game’s developer Sucker Punch could have learned; it’s that you can take players through a great story without including the gimmick of choice. Here there’s never really a moment in the fixed narrative that would indicate Delsin’s desire to murder anyone. This makes the choice system feel shoehorned into the gameplay and it’s so black and white that it doesn’t keep up with the new fluidity of this next-gen title.

Overall, Troy Baker’s performance combined with Sucker Punch’s new mo-cap technology build a solid next-gen experience. If you enjoy a solid single-player campaign experience (about 10-15hrs) or you want something that shows off the power of your PS4 then InFamous: Second Son is a must have.

9 out of 10! Being a badass never looked so good.

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