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Infamous Second Son: Photo Mode

Wow Just Wow…

This week, we’ll talk about the PlayStation 4’s 7 million unit success and what it means going forward. But let’s start out this week by looking at one of the most awesome things that happened last week which you might have missed. Infamous Second Son released an update that gave players the highly requested ability to change time of day in the game. Those gorgeous neon powers blaze the night sky anytime you want now, but that wasn’t the only thing gamers got to go balls to the wall with. The game also added “photo mode”, with a click of the L3 you can freeze the frame mid game and adjust the camera for position, orientation, axis, and focus all in true 3D space. Even the game’s developer Sucker Punch was impressed by some of the shots submitted by gamers. Christopher Nolan might want to start looking at some of these future Director’s of Photography. Check more out at Neogaf, or google search Infamous Second Son photo mode share. Here’s a few of the best we’ve seen:

iHM9Eg2ttwNIM ibd7wblj59ozH3 10271347_10100395438065978_6605798061865062405_oIf you haven’t already, check out Infamous Second Son available now exclusively for the PlayStation 4.