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Indie Shooter Morphies Law Now Available On Nintendo Switch Eshop

Announced last year, the unique new shooter from the folks at Cosmoscope has been teased for quite some time. Like a few other titles announced last year, Morphies Law was heavily anticipated although the release date was up in the air. Luckily we finally got an answer as to the whereabouts of Morphies Law in todays Nintendo UKs Indie Highlights event, showing off several independent games coming to Nintendo Switch ahead of Gamescom.

The trailer is a typical overview trailer explaining some of the basic rules and shows off strategies that can pay off in game. What was surprising was the lady announcing each title read the release and revealed that it would be out TODAY. A countdown timer also came up on the official Morphies Law website pointing to a release date at 10:00 AM PST. Now you may be wondering “wait, 10 am pst has already past!” and you’d be right, Morphies Law is now available on the Nintendo Switch.

Morphies Law is a team based shooter in which your character is made to shrink or grow depending on where you shoot your enemies. Some areas in the game will be inaccessible depending on your size. Having certain limbs also bring new abilities and advantages. The game is all wrapped up in a customizable Spanish Day of the Dead aesthetic that really brings it all together.