Indie Comic Book Preview: SALVAGERS #1

A New book on the block worth keeping an eye out for.


It’s always fun and challenging to talk about independent books we get sent. We see so many and I wish we could talk about all of them but there just aren’t enough hours in the day. However, sometimes we get books that are just so much fun and indie we can’t help but talk about them. Salvagers by Robert Salley and George Acevedo is one of those books.

Salvagers is more action adventure than sci-fi set in space, but it excels in that respect. Salvagers is the chronicle of a a group of intergalactic ship salvagers led by hard-nosed Captain Bill Roenick. The story drops us in the midst of the crew picking up a mysteriously downed space vessel. A horrific discovery puts them in a fight for their very survival against a sophisticated cyber intelligence aboard the ship. The life or death stakes here come through, where something like this is usually a weakness with inexperienced creators.


The books plot is easy to follow and relies on the action to emotionally carry the story. A story direction like this usually spells doom for the narrative, however Salvagers manages to bring out some of the potential in its pages. Dilemmas the characters find themselves in land tension in a nerve racking way. Will they escape? Will the be killed? By the end of the issue, we can’t wait to find this out. One of the few minor issues the narrative has is one that will hopefully solve itself as the story progresses. The crew of the Harrier Salvager needs to be distinctly fleshed out more through the dialogue. So far Capt Roenick is the only character we can get a feel for.


Salvagers strength is in its look. Up and coming artist George Acevedo crafts a poignant and distinct design to the world of the book. His line work has the weight of Kevin Eastman’s early Ninja Tutrles books mixed with a bit of Silvestri’s early cross hatch look. Usually new indie books lack a polish in the basics that gets better with practice. That polish, which a lot of inexperienced creator books can lack, is in these pages. The character’s anatomy is consistent and true while the action scenes look top notch and cover minor weaknesses in the script. This guy is someone to keep an eye on. My only complaints about the art is that the book is in black and white. There’s some dead space in the panels that probably wouldn’t have been noticeable in color. Other than that, my only issue would be the framing of the action could be a little bit tighter, some of the action sequences feel as though the camera was of by just a degree.

Overall, Salvagers is a book with tons of potential but it lands on enough of it in the opening shot to get us to come back for more.

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