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Indiana Jones 5 is a Disaster!

When it was announced that James Mangold would be directing Indy 5 fans across the world were optimistic that a Spielberg-less film could work….well….no time for love Doctor Jones…..we are in trouble.

If online reports are to be believed, the test screenings have been a disaster and multiple endings that have been used have at these screenings are just god awful.

Accoring to reports: the rumors indicate that Disney is in a panic over the screenings and that they’re worried the movie will bomb.

One of the endings, which was said to be the least popular one, had Phoebe-Waller Bridge replacing Harrison Ford at the end of the movie. Presumably, this would set up the franchise for further sequels with Ford not returning. Another unpopular conclusion had Ford’s Indiana Jones dying.

The last thing Disney needs is another Indiana Jones movie bombing with audiences, especially after the major shrug that greeted “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull”. I’m still holding out hope that this fifth installment will be a return to form, but, I won’t lie, I’m concerned.

Disney obviously wants to milk the Indiana Jones franchise, with even a rumored TV Series in the works, but you need a great movie for that to occur and, as it stands, the last worthy Indy move was released in the late ‘80s.

What you think? True? Not true?

Considering some of the questionable decisions coming from Lucasfilm and Disney as of late, this would not surprise me.

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