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Remy Zero here with a review for ‘Prometheus.’

Ridley Scott makes his long awaited return to science fiction with PROMETHEUS, where a team of scientists are led by cave paintings to the far side of the universe. They come to the planet, where they feel life began–there are also allusions to Scott’s masterpiece, ALIEN, including Guy Pearce, utterly unrecognizable as the head of The Weyland Corporation.

Noomi Rapace is Dr. Elizabeth Shaw, who finds the infamous Space Jockey from ALIEN and other hints of the start of Life On Earth. Michael Fassbender is great as a seemingly innocent robot, while Charlize Theron is the tough as nails woman in charge of the Mission.

Ridley Scott knows how to do spectacle and Big Ideas. As the film kicks off, there are some big discussions on God and the Nature of Mankind. They hit the planet and there’s a lot more talking. Although he plays with motifs from his classic horror/sci-fi film, there’s more discussions, a boring bald-headed alien and a snake like proto alien. While it is not officially billed as such, PROMETHEUS is ALIEN: Episode One.

The script by Jon Spaihts and LOST co-creator Damon Lindelof moves in fits and starts. Lots of meandering, and boring chat scenes will have an interesting conflict or chase then return to meandering. Its weird to see scenes from a million “ALIEN” rip-offs like “HORROR PLANET” and Bill Malone’s “CREATURE,” which¬†are re-staged by the master, Scott.

The movie is dull and probably the biggest letdown prequel since THE PHANTOM MENACE. The original ALIEN writers, Dan O’Bannon and Ron Shusset, are acknowledged in the ending credits, but this lacks ALIEN’s pacing and build. Its talky and slow. The most exciting scene in the film, where Noomi Rapace realizes she’s been impregnated by an alien chestburster, is so good it reminds you how great the rest of the film could have been. Instead, its flaccid and talky.