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In light of Notre Dame Fire, Ubisoft is giving away Assassin’s Creed Unity to Encourage Donations

As most of you have heard by now, the historic Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France was victim to a devastating fire on Monday. Most of the damage was on the roof, but the damage done to the cathedral left most of the world in shock. Many people including billionaires have donated money to help restore Notre Dame to its former glory, and game developer/publisher Ubisoft is doing their part.

From now until next week, you can get Assassin’s Creed Unity on PC for free. Although Ubisoft will be donating €500,000 to aid the restoration, they want to encourage others to help donate by giving away Unity for free with no catch. Since the game is set during the French Revolution, players will be able to explore the Notre Dame Cathedral in-game.

Source: Polygon