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IDW Announces GODZILLA IN HELL Comic Book Mini-Series

Publisher IDW will release the first issue of Godzilla In Hell on July 15th. The five issue mini-series will find the big green guy damned into the depths of pandemonium. In the story, Godzilla must make sense of his surroundings and figure out why he has fallen from grace. In the process, he must defend himself and fight off various monstrous denizens of the underworld.

The first issue of Godzilla In Hell will mark the return of cartoonist James Stokoe who is quite familiar with the King of the Monsters. He wrote the memorable six issue mini-series Godzilla: The Half Century War in 2012. Stokoe has the ability through his storylines and illustrations to give Godzilla emotions and build a connection to the reader. His artwork honors the legacy that Godzilla has paved for over 60 years.









The remainder of Godzilla’s journey will be documented by Bob Eggleton on both script and art in issue No. 2; Buster Moody will illustrate No. 3 as written by Ulises Farinas and Erick Freitas; Ibrahim Moustafa takes up art duties on the Brandon Seifert-penned issue No. 4, and Dave Wachter brings the series to a close in No. 5.

Source: avclub