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If we need anything it’s more Injustice.

injustice_gods_among_us_cover 2013’s Fighting game of the year was unquestionably NetherRealm’s Injustice Gods Among Us. If you haven’t played it or read the comics this will contain spoilers. For those that have played the game you understand just how great of an experience it was and could be in the future. Here’s a list of things we’d like to see in a sequel.

More stages

There were some gems for comic fans in the first go round, but one of the weaknesses the game had was the variety of stage selection. Sure most were tiered so you could go from the streets of Metropolis to the Superman museum but some of the things NetherRealm did felt phoned in. Looking at you Wayne Manor night. If we had our say; bring back all the stages from the first game but add the rest of the DC universe. We’re talking about the Gem cities, OA, Coast City, Hall of Doom, etc. A true next-gen title should boast at least thirty different stages.


Injustice - Year Two (2014-) 001-017 If you haven’t read Injustice Year Two by Tom Taylor then pick it up on Comixology now. The bi-weekly DC digital book continues to fill in story gaps pre Injustice the game. While Tom’s busy killing off a few characters there are still plenty of options DC fans would love to see. One problem the DLC had the first go round, particularly if you bought the season pass, was the characters they offered. ZOD and Scorpion did not need to be in the game at all. One was understandable because it was around the time of the Man of Steel film, both never quite felt like they belonged in the game. The first game was a roster of some of DC Comic’s best characters Lobo, Green Lantern, Sinestro, Deathstroke, Harley Quinn. A sequel should reminiscent of Marvel vs Capcom 2; put so many characters in that game I can’t possibly remember them all no matter how long I play. The DCU has an extended library of almost 700 characters. Lets get some Doctor Fate, Superboy (Kon-EL) Mr. Miracle, all the Titans; personally I’d like to see Hush. Now that DC has the Wildstorm universe put the entire WildC.A.T.S group in there. While you’re at it, if your DLC is gonna be off the wall stuff get the Vertigo characters. How much better would Injustice have been with Morpheus from Gaiman’s Sandman run, Constantine, or heck even Yorick Brown and Agent 355.

The Story

Injustice - Year Two (2014-) 002-000 This part would in all probability be the biggest challenge. If you played Injustice then you know the game itself is the ultimate end game. An evil Superman in an alternate dimension subjugated the Earth to his rule. In the end he was overthrown by the DCU more familiar to us, but who is to say that the Joker killing Lois Lane wasn’t set in motion by a behind the scenes character. Darkseid perhaps, Parallax maybe. No one ever thought a character like Neckron would ever matter but the brilliant Geoff Johns gave us the Blackest Night. Alexander Luthor and Superboy Prime could be looking for a new universe to invade and we could see the older crisis Superman. There’s a world of possibility, so NetherRealm why not call up Tom Taylor and say “hey pitch us an idea for a story sequel.”


Mechanically, Injustice ran like an Italian sports car. It looked gorgeous and all the hits felt meaty, which is the epitome of what you want in a fighting game. Doing it again the same way would not be a bad thing at all. The thing about game developers is they’re always looking to go above and beyond their previous outing. So what’s the next logical step? Mother F’n tag team fighting! I want to see Robin and Superboy ultimate combo Deathstroke into next week. Superman and Power Girl could play baseball with Lex Luthor being the ball. There could be different moves based upon the characters you choose or if you choose a pair that doesn’t make sense then just have them do their moves in succession for less damage. Mortal Kombat was known for its over the top violence and gore; the team could easily capture the brutality of epic comic book battles here.

Will we even see a sequel to Injustice: Gods Among US? The odds are yes. Since its release last April, the game has sold millions of units world wide and won multiple critics awards. It’s one of the rare properties that boosts its source material sales and vice versa. To not make another one of these would be Lex Luthor presidency level of criminal. Though we probably won’t see one until 2015, we should at least hear something about future plans sometime this year.